Brussels is a thriving international centre of politics and business. Being the home to the European Commission, Parliament and NATO, it is an influential city where important and historic decisions are being made.

Additionally, Brussels is a very livable city, too. The city is very eco-friendly and has many parks around the town. Eating out is a significant part of life in the Belgian capital, and there are many restaurants from around the world to choose from. Brussels also has much to boast in terms of history and culture, from the mediaeval Grand Place to over eighty museums including Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Museum of Modern Art and the Magritte Museum.

The conference will be held in the new and prestigious conference centre The Square in the center of the Brussels Mont des Arts area. The opening dinner on 10 May wil be held in The Square's Panoramic hall, offering extravagant interior design and a spectacular views of the Brussels cityscape. Click here for images of this amazing place. Learn here how to reach The Square.

Distance to important European hubs:
Paris: 1 hour 20 min by Thalys highspeed train
London: 1 hour 51 min by Eurostar highspeed train
Amsterdam: 1 hour 53 min by Thalys highspeed train
Frankfurt: 3 hours 15 min by ICE highspeed train

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