The Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)
IDH is accelerating and up-scaling sustainable trade by forming ambitious coalitions between multinational companies, governments and civil society organizations to transform mainstream markets, and make sustainable production and trade the norm. Learn more at:

The Coca-Cola Company and our bottling partners are working to promote sustainable agriculture throughout our supply chains with an initial focus on sugar, orange and corn. We applaud events like this conference on sustainable agriculture as they foster collaboration among the business community and lead to real solutions for the issues we all face.

Kellogg's knows that ensuring an adequate supply of food for the world’s growing population requires the efficient use of increasingly scarce natural resources. Finding solutions in sustainable agriculture requires multi-stakeholder collaborative efforts. Events such as this 3rd Conference on Sustainable Agriculture – the Art of Farming – create opportunities for us to work with others to find solutions to global food challenges.

Unilever, with a track record of working in partnership and as a founding member of the SAI Platform and member of the Sustanable Food Lab, is proud to sponsor the 3rd Conference on Sustainable Agriculture. Never has there been a greater need for businesses, NGOs, policy makers, experts, academics , researchers and farmers globally to partner together to deliver sustainable sourcing. As a consumer focussed company sustainable sourcing goes right to the core of our new vision and ambition. Find out more at: and

Around the world, McCain agronomists have trained and supported local farmers in modern and responsible cultivating, irrigation and harvesting techniques. We believe in the power of collaboration to advance sustainable agriculture practices and it is this philosophy that drives our active participation in the SAI Platform.

Sara Lee attaches great value to active partnerships with stakeholders in the value chain. Joint efforts, as we create within SAI, greatly contribute to making worldwide sectors more and more sustainable.

Listen, learn, establish goals, and implement best practices with other stake holders along the supply chain network will provide the opportunity to mainstream the concepts of sustainable agriculture. This is why we are here!